Susana M Henschel

The Pursuit of a Style of Poetry & Photography that Reaches all Angles of Creativity

Susana M. Henschel

Internationally known as an author, I have written several books including The Art of Perspective, A Collection of Poems & Reflections, and The Aim to Endeavor, A Fusion of Reflective Poetry & Scenic Photography.  Living in the greater Vancouver area, I strive to thrive as a wife, mother, rehab nurse, and writer all in one.  My educational achievements include diplomas from both BCIT Renewable Resources in Forestry as well as The Canadian Health Care Academy in Nursing.  A great passion of mine is writing and I have been creating captivating poetry and reflections for over twenty years.  My love of both the outdoors and helping people in need is where I draw my inspiration to create this unique collection of work.

Several of my passions include camping, mountain biking, and skiing.  In addition, I have traveled to Guatemala for a missions’ trip to help disadvantaged children.  This experience has opened my eyes, creating a whole new perspective.

My husband, Marvin Henschel provides the stunning photography that complements this form of literary expression.  He is an avid photographer for over fifteen years.  Traveling to all corners of the world has inspired him to capture photos of locations people seldom think of visiting and unveil distinctive landscapes in order to stir the imagination.  His unique ability and passion for photography beautifully complement this particular style of poetry and reflections.  I hope you delight in all our creative literary and photographic work as much as we enjoyed its creation.

Susana M. Henschel