Susana M Henschel

The Pursuit of a Style of Poetry & Photography that Reaches all Angles of Creativity

Susana M. Henschel

Internationally known as an author, I have written several books including The Art of Perspective, A Collection of Poems & Reflections, and The Aim to Endeavor, A Fusion of Reflective Poetry & Scenic Photography. Living in the greater Vancouver area, I strive to thrive as a wife, mother, rehab nurse, and writer all in one.  My educational achievements include diplomas from both BCIT Renewable Resources in Forestry as well as The Canadian Health Care Academy in Nursing.  A great passion of mine is writing and I have been creating captivating poetry and reflections for over twenty years.  My love of the outdoors and helping people in need is where I draw my inspiration for writing.  I hope you enjoy reading my works as much as I enjoyed its creation.

Susana M. Henschel

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