Susana M Henschel

The Pursuit of a Style of Poetry & Photography that Reaches all Angles of Creativity
The Aim to Endeavor, a fusion of reflective poetry and scenic photography.

The Aim to Endeavor

The Aim to Endeavor
A Fusion of Reflective Poetry & Scenic Photography
Published by Blurb.Inc
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Susana Henschel's method of weaving poetry into reflections is a truly unique blend of creativity. The scenic photography of stunning landscapes and historical architecture is absolutely captivating to the imagination. Her ability to intertwine the tone of her writing with this beautiful photography truly makes her book one of uniqueness that will encourage a person to ponder life’s intricacies on a deeper level.

The Aim to Endeavor is about changing your frame of mind regarding life’s difficult situations and helps bring about an awareness of unappetizing habits that can arise when dark days knock on your door.  Learning to find beauty in the everyday as well as the extraordinary, whether you are at the kitchen sink, looking out of the window and seeing the shimmering light off the metallic wings of a blue jay, or on top of the Eiffel Tower looking over the beautiful expanse of the twinkling lights of Paris.  It encourages the reader to be fierce in the face of adversity, instead of a victim of circumstance as well as looking to faith for answers, and to assist in the last remaining piece required for inner peace.

Soft Cover | 106 pages | $32.95 USD | 9798211673281